The odds are you know less than
you think about gambling.
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  • The Roulette Slaves Poem

    I have a poem I wrote recently, after suffering heavy losses over the past few years (totaling nearly £80,000).
    I was betting big, and betting heavy, and am now in such a state financially, I'm screwed, but have t...

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  • Andrew

    My name is Andrew, I'm 30 years old, got a nice lady and a lovely seven month old boy named Troy. I work in a betting shop maybe not the smartest idea of mine when i applied for a job in this sort of environment, as I'm ...

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  • I've fallen off again

    I know I have a problem my best friend knows I have a problem but instead of talking to them about how I'm feeling about stuff I just dropped £100 online. As usual it started with £10 or £20 losing, breaking even, going ...

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  • Dont let them win

    24 year old, have gambled since was about 10/11 doing football coupons, then when was 18 started betting online a lot. Always just told myself that I liked the sports side and it was to enhance viewing it with a bet on, ...

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    There was a point in my life where I never thought I would step a foot in the bookies and didn't even understand the odds, until one day my brother mentioned how much money he won on the football, so I thought I would ju...

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  • Time to change!! For my family

    I am 33 and have been gambling on and off for the passed 8 years like most started off with a few winners and think this is easy money! I then moved from horses to blackjack and again had some nice gains but the greed se...

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