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  • Football betting addiction taking over my life

    I've been gambling for over 10 years now, starting off on small bets and only betting £5 max and built up to £200.

    I thought this was easy money so I thought I will up my betting to £20 max then fell into...

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  • ban yourself from casinos and bookmakers and other gambling

    I have been a gambler all my life since I was 14, now 49. It's been hell and I have now banned myself from all casinos and bookmakers. My solicitor has written to them and sent them my ID - you should do the same.

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  • Andy

    Same old story for me. Few weeks with nothing at all. Then today I slipped up. Really wish this would go away! Feel so deflated now it's unreal.

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  • Rob

    So, I'm 16 and began gambling around 3 years ago when my mates would talk about winning a lot of money, I started off by just betting say £1 and smaller stakes however as I've got older and lost more, I've started stakin...

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  • Mr bradbury

    Hi I think I have a problem because when I'm on my own I will gamble and when I try and stop I still go and gamble and I am easily led on by others to go to betting shops I just need some advice to stop would be much app...

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  • Counter Strike gamblin

    Hi I'm 15 and have been gambling in game items on roulette matches and coin flips and all sorts of differently gambling sites and games these in game items hold a real world value varying from $0.03 all the way to well o...

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