The odds are you know less than
you think about gambling.
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  • Andy

    Same old story for me. Few weeks with nothing at all. Then today I slipped up. Really wish this would go away! Feel so deflated now it's unreal.

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  • Rob

    So, I'm 16 and began gambling around 3 years ago when my mates would talk about winning a lot of money, I started off by just betting say £1 and smaller stakes however as I've got older and lost more, I've started stakin...

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  • Mr bradbury

    Hi I think I have a problem because when I'm on my own I will gamble and when I try and stop I still go and gamble and I am easily led on by others to go to betting shops I just need some advice to stop would be much app...

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  • Very concerned parent

    What you need to ask yourselves is this: would it be acceptable to show advertisements for cocaine, cannabis, heroine every 20 minutes on prime time TV? Or show programmes sponsored by the drug trade? Would it be accepta...

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  • The Roulette Slaves Poem

    I have a poem I wrote recently, after suffering heavy losses over the past few years (totaling nearly £80,000).
    I was betting big, and betting heavy, and am now in such a state financially, I'm screwed, but have t...

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  • Andrew

    My name is Andrew, I'm 30 years old, got a nice lady and a lovely seven month old boy named Troy. I work in a betting shop maybe not the smartest idea of mine when i applied for a job in this sort of environment, as I'm ...

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