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About BigDeal

The odds of you knowing someone with a gambling problem are higher than you might think. You might like to know more about gambling. You might know less than you think. Losing a lot of cash can happen pretty quickly, and before you know it you don't have the money for the bus home, never mind new clothes or a DVD. So this website gives tips on how you can gamble responsibly and still do all the other things that you enjoy in life. We are not saying don't gamble, we just want to help you play it safe and keep it legal.

Who are we?

We're part of GamCare, the organisation that runs the National Gambling HelpLine and NetLine. Whether you like a game of poker with your friends, just buy the odd scratchcard, or even if you've never gambled before, we're an organisation that is here to help you understand how it all works.

Who are you?

We're guessing that you're someone who wants to find out a little bit more about gambling, whether it's for yourself or someone you know.

There are loads of young people across the UK who said the same to us, so we built this website to help you:

  • explore gambling - what it is, how it works and why people do it
  • find out how to make responsible decisions
  • learn about problem gambling and how it might affect you or someone you know. Watch our videos here.
  • hear other people's stories about gambling by visiting YourSay
  • learn about the support that's out there for anyone affected by a gambling problem, especially the National Gambling HelpLine (operated by GamCare).