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Use my Advice

Published: 06 Sep 2016

At the age of 23, I realise I have a gambling problem and My whole personality has changed because of this problem. I have learned the best way to get away from this problem is to tell someone, get some advice on the long terms effects of this horrible problem. Not only should you seek advice from a professional but also get advice from the people closest to you, the ones you were once hiding it from.

I have learned I will be happier without it, and won't need to hide it from anyone, I will be more confident and, I can be myself again without it. I will get the right relationship back with family and the lies will stop and even though it's hard to forget, one day I will forget all about gambling. I need to avoid any way of gambling, and tell myself not to do it. Eventually, I will stop.

Gambling is everywhere nowadays, and will always be seen, but gambling addictions can be beaten. I understand any addiction is hard to overcome but it CAN be done! It's going to take a while but my advice will be to keep thinking how much better your life will be without the addiction.

There really is only one winner.

Don't let it beat you! Control yourself. Don't let gambling control you!

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