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Time to change!! For my family

Published: 03 Dec 2016

I am 33 and have been gambling on and off for the passed 8 years like most started off with a few winners and think this is easy money! I then moved from horses to blackjack and again had some nice gains but the greed sets in and you always want more and more! Then it starts to happen loss after loss and the chasing begins! I have lost count of the times I have stood in the shower beating myself up, thinking why did I do it and I look back at all the money I have lost. I would say its close to 10k over 8yrs and I have taken bank loans out to ease the pressure or run up credit cards. But today is the day that I must and will turn the corner I have a lovely wife 2 healthy children and warm cosy house and that's how it must continue! I feel a huge weight has been lifted just writing this my wife knows I have been gambling and has told me to stop and I have promised her several times and I have lied to get to carry it on well that's just not adult, to be lying to my wife and now 2017 is the year I turn the corner for good. Life is too short and I am not going to waste another minute hoping that I win big time to move on xx

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