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Published: 26 Mar 2017

My name is Andrew, I'm 30 years old, got a nice lady and a lovely seven month old boy named Troy. I work in a betting shop maybe not the smartest idea of mine when i applied for a job in this sort of environment, as I'm writing this I'm still thinking ways to make a quick bit of dosh or get rich quick. To have everything perfect like a nice big house a nice car the only way I've ever known how, because it's easy you don't have to speak to any one and a machine don't answer you back, sounds nice and easy but for someone like myself I don't seem to be able to control myself. When you're winning its good, you win £1500 one day a few days later... I've been in this situation before where I will go back to try to win more but as I've done time and time again, but it doesn't just stop there, the roulette wheel is the one that I go on... sounds like easy money. I have always gone back even if I've lost £500, as I'm convinced the number I done will roll in, then it will all be OK. I've done this a few time as well and you can guess the number will not come in and you're now chasing the money you have now lost. A few years ago I took out a few credit cards thinking will take £500 out on that will win some money pay the card back but it just doesn't work like that, I have lost count of how much I owe. Now I'm now trying to realise there is more to life than putting some paper notes into a machine to try to make fast cash, which I've done for 13 years. It hasn't really got me anywhere.
As I'm typing this tonight I am thinking about what direction to take in life, what to do to become successful.
I think I have been lost in life about what I wanted to do and what I can achieve. I've always been an active person, love football, but as you gamble you become trapped in this bubble where you start not to enjoy the stuff in life you once loved doing. I have lovely parents, a brother and sister we had a really good childhood then when I left school, that's when I didn't really know what to do. I went to college, done an electrical course, was 18 at the time just a bit wild. I'd have a spare hour for lunch and to go arcades on the fruit machines for fun and excitement. You win money, there's music, a perfect place to go but it builds up and you want more n more so from the starting something fun n harmless can become serious. I have had a nice life so far I have traveled to many different countries, then I have a baby boy who is perfect but the only downfall is the way I gamble, which I've now stopped and started to save a bit of money. With no access to your money for a year if you put it into that account which is good for me I am also tring other methods which I scratched my number of the back of my cards to stop me online to make it hard to access my money. I'm getting there hopefully, but I don't think a betting environment is a great idea for me to be in so I have self-excluded myself from any betting shop close to 20 miles where I live.

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