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Very concerned parent

Published: 23 Apr 2017

What you need to ask yourselves is this: would it be acceptable to show advertisements for cocaine, cannabis, heroine every 20 minutes on prime time TV? Or show programmes sponsored by the drug trade? Would it be acceptable to sell alcohol to under 16's and actively promote alcohol consumption in schools? No it wouldn't, would it, because we are all aware that these two products, I.e. drugs and alcohol are addictive. Why then is it acceptable to allow gambling to be so extensively promoted on prime time TV & every major sports event? Research has proven gambling is more addictive than alcohol. I have seen my beautiful son destroyed by this disease and have no doubt that one day I will find him dead as a result. His life is hell. An inescapable life of compulsive misery, debt, stress, anxiety - a living hell. And it's a hell I have shared as a loving mother. Addiction affects all those the addict loves. The U.K. Needs to face up to providing serious help to compulsive gamblers. Seek help. Don't suffer in silence. Fight the demon.

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