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Football betting addiction taking over my life

Published: 09 Jul 2017

I've been gambling for over 10 years now, starting off on small bets and only betting £5 max and built up to £200.

I thought this was easy money so I thought I will up my betting to £20 max then fell into the trap of chasing my bets which is the worst thing to do, but I was also drinking at the same time which gave me confidence. This was all done online and I eventually closed all my accounts which were too many to mention, it's unbelievable how many betting companies are out there offering you matched deposit free bets which entice you in.

Anyway as you can imagine my betting got stupid and I lost thousands at a time so I changed to only betting in shops which I thought would be better because I could see exactly where my money was going instead of a balance in a online account. Now I have seen the errors of my ways and feel it is time to stop for good but I know that the main reason for my gambling is a fantasy life of making a living off gambling and that next time will be the next big payout.

My home life has been affected and has turned my into a different person where if I get angry with the kids or wife, or I've had a bad day at work, which is more often than not, I will use betting as my release and take me away from my problems for the time the bet is in play.

I have had to work overtime most weekends to cover my losses and feel guilty that I don't get to spend time and money with the family. I have also cut myself off from my friends and say I'm working whenever I get invited out, when in reality I'm angry with myself for losing bets and need to work to pay the bills.

The time has come to make a change and I feel ready this time, after many times I've said I will quit before in the past. This feels better writing this down as this is the first time I have seemed help so wish me luck.

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