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Don't let them win

18 Jul 2017
24 year old, have gambled since was about 10/11 doing football coupons, then when was 18 started betting online a lot. Always just told myself that I liked the sports side and it was to enhance viewing it with a bet on, but truth be told I wouldn't watch 90% of it without putting a bet on it. Don't earn a massive amount but finding myself spending what little I have on what are stupid bets most of the time. Then I will wait another few weeks skint till I'm paid ( monthly ) telling myself all the way through the month that I'm not going to do the same this time when I get my money. But as usual as soon as I get it I'm betting on all sorts, its just too easy on your phone. I'm more annoyed at myself because I'm sick of constantly lying to myself. Far too many of us are hooked on giving already rich people our money, I'm 100% going to cut it out, I hope physically writing this out and reading it will help me make those steps. I don't mind doing a small acca on the weekends but its the endless in-play hole you fall down that is getting me. Hopefully we can all see the light, good luck everyone.
25 Oct 2017 Hi there, Thanks for sharing your story - it sounds like you have faced some tough challenges. If you would like more support, make sure you check out our Getting Help page, where you can speak to advisers online or over the phone. They are supportive and understanding and offer some really great advice on how to improve your habits. Best wishes, MRP :)
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