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The Roulette Slaves Poem

18 Jul 2017
I have a poem I wrote recently, after suffering heavy losses over the past few years (totaling nearly £80,000). I was betting big, and betting heavy, and am now in such a state financially, I'm screwed, but have taken steps to change my life. This is the harsh reality of gambling, it really can destroy your life as you know it, but it cannot keep you down forever. Anyway here's the poem: Where do you draw the line When you are cutting it so fine Knowing all that is at stake Making mistake after mistake What lesson have you learnt From having your fingers so burnt That you can't even feel the pain You have inflicted on yourself again Have you forgotten that you have Responsibilities now you're a dad Your meant to be the one Who supports your wife and little lad You've used up all 9 lives and exhausted all the lies Can't kid yourself no more and started to despise The person you think you are Driven by dreams of a better life Believing that happiness is about the one thing that drives us all in life Money is the problem, you see We all have just one go, to live our lives as intended and pass on what we know Our children are the future now and that is why we must change To show them that we all have flaws but you can always rearrange The importance of the thoughts and far reaching dreams you have Take your chances when they come, let go of the nearly-hads Every day is a gamble for us, we try our luck in life But one step forward two steps back is the only path we've tried So time and time again our master plan is the same, expecting that streak of luck to come our way again You will know if you have had that chance handed on a plate But didn't call it a day in time before your compulsion sealed your fate So where do you draw the line, and how many times will you stake The love of every single person who has helped you out of your pitiful state The cost of losing self respect and loved ones who have tried To understand our problem, and supported us, while hurting bad inside We lean on them when all goes wrong and they carry all the strain Tired of hearing I'm sorry, and and it's only me that's to blame You believe every excuse you make for the situation you are in The mess you knew you would create with reckless spin after spin. So wake up now before it's too late, or it'll eat you up inside The slippery slope will kill all hope and drive you to suicide It's called the devils game for a reason you know, on your mind it will play tricks, did you know that all the numbers add up to 666? Good luck everyone
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