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Counter Strike GO Gambling

16 Aug 2017
Hi I'm 15 and have been gambling in game items on roulette matches and coin flips and all sorts of differently gambling sites and games these in game items hold a real world value varying from $0.03 all the way to well over $3000. I go to school and love playing this game and developed a love for these items and bought them with saved money and gifts I got and used them in game then I became aware of gambling and without any need for validation of age - I accessed a world where thousands of dollars of items are bet on one site within the space of seconds. The estimated gambling off these items is 7 billion dollars year with majority of these gamblers being like me under aged and not allowed, however these sites somehow go under the radar due to it being a game. Action needs to be taken and all these sites need to be shut down and these minors affected like me need help to restrain and keep us away from gambling money like me I've lost thousands from gambling been on all sorts of highs then lows and all in bets at such a young age with ease and now I'm addicted and need help to stop
25 Apr 2020 This page certainly has all of the information I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.
05 Nov 2018 I did start the same way with 14.I had many big wins i was very lucky most of the times but i could´nt stop.I always gambled till i lost everything. After i lost thousands of euro i started missing school and developing depression . At the age of 16 I finally decided go into a psychatric clinic. It helpt me a bit but im still strugeling with those problems today. Its a hard way to stop gambling but you will be happy that youve madde it in the future.
26 Nov 2017 This has been a massive issue for me too, I suggest a petition for the government to block more of these sites. Being 13 money isn't the easiest to come by and even after getting bored of cs:go I still gamble (and lose) regularly. Good luck beating the habit!
25 Oct 2017 Hi there, Thanks for sharing your story - it sounds like you have faced some tough challenges. If you would like more support, make sure you check out our Getting Help page, where you can speak to advisers online or over the phone. They are supportive and understanding and offer some really great advice on how to improve your habits. Best wishes, MRP :)
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