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02 May 2018
I play fruit machines and play to loose sounds stupid but I can’t collect just want to spin I ask myself why I think because it blocks my mind from everything for however long the session can last,I’m guessing it’s like crack it how the user must feel, my friend introduced me to gambling started small then hooked I go through binges I want to stop I think I need to see a councillor to help work out my screwed up mind instead of hiding behind a machine which is not helping
03 May 2018 This must be hard for you to share. It sounds as though you're in a good place to begin talking more about this. Your GP can help with this and will also be able to direct you towards services local to you which you may find helpful. It really sounds like you're done with 'hiding behind a machine', maybe it's time. Thank you for being so honest and open x
03 May 2018 Hi there, Thanks for sharing your story – it sounds like you have faced some tough challenges. If you would like more support, make sure you check out our Getting Help page, where you can speak to advisers online or over the phone. They are supportive and understanding and offer some really great advice on how to improve your habits. Best wishes, MRP
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