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01 Aug 2018
I had some pretty radical changes happen to me recently, mainly being isolated and alone in a foreign country and in a bad way mentally. I started gambling small amounts because it was nice to win something and that feeling took a grip and hasn’t let go. I’m now back working full time, but I’ve slipped up countless times since spending everything I had. It’s affected my health, my mental health and my social life/skills but I know that i have come off easy compared to some of the stories I have read. I can’t let this get any worse, otherwise I will be ruined for life, so I’ve taken the steps to enforce self exclusion and have plans on getting a close friend to help monitor my spending. I think i just want to say basically, don’t let it get to this point, if you think you might have a problem and it’s affecting your life in a dentrimental way, get help, I wish I had.
04 Mar 2019 Very annoying experience for me still have issues with the money for the
20 Feb 2019 CSB5234032926
01 Aug 2018 Hi there. Thanks for sharing your story. The big changes you've made sound really challenging - it's great to hear you're looking to take back control. If you are over 18, do head over to where you can use our forum, helpline and counselling services. If you're under 18, head over to our getting help page where you are able to see what's available. Best wishes, mrp
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