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24 May 2019
I've done something really fucking stupid, I've spent the rest of my money on gambling.. £320 I put in online ffs. I'm sorry, this is why I get short every month, it started with just 10 tonight (I thought I was due a big pay out, that didn't happen obv) then I put more and more and more just hoping for it to pay out 😭 I been on the phone the GAMSTOP and self excluded from all UK gambling sites for a minimum of 5 years, no accounts can be created from my name, address or bankndeatils. Why am I so fucking stupid 😠😭😫
30 Sep 2019 Hi there, Self-Exclusion is a great place to start and having reached out already is a great sign - it's great to hear you're looking to take back control. If you are over 18, do head over to where you can use our forum, helpline and counselling services to support this process. If you're under 18, head over to our getting help page where you are able to see what's available for you and seek support. Best wishes, mrp
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