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Gambling is bad

15 Jun 2020
So hello, so firstly dont blame for my english skills i can't speak very good. Everything started when i was 15 years old when i was working with my friend dad, he was gambling all the time even in when we where in the job, one day i telled please teach me how to gamble, he teached me and put the stakes for me, i got a start with a 5 euros... than the stakes was bigger and bigger.. one day i loosed about 200 euros, and this was not my money it was my friend who loaned me money, now i got in really bad debt now i owe my all friends 3k euros, i cant even work because im only 17 years old.. i don't know what to do..
23 Jun 2020 Hello, Thank you for taking the time to share. For support with your gambling, you can access the live chat through Gambling Therapy, they offer a variety of languages if it makes it easier to explain your situation. For your gambling debt, there's a link to support agencies are available at For support with your debt, there's a list of debt charities here that can help you in your current situation. Hope this helps. Thanks, Big Deal Team
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