Young People Support Service

We believe in giving every young person the right to be listened too. If you're worried about your own gambling or a loved ones gambling, we're here to help you.

The young People support Service

We are a small team of dedicated practitioners who support young people who are worried about gambling.  We are a non-judgmental team who create a safe space where it’s easy to talk about situations that can be difficult. We aim to make things as easy as possible by tailoring your sessions around you in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

We offer support to young people (11-18) who are worried about their own gambling or the gambling of someone close to them.  It does not matter how big or small the worry is, just get in touch.



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Starting your Journey

You can contact us directly or someone can contact us on your behalf. We will work together to make sure GamCare is the right service for you. If we both decide this is the support you need, we will link you with one of our practitioners. If not we will refer you to the service we feel we give you the best support.


Your Practitioner will contact you to arrange the best time to talk.
Together we will assess your needs. We will create a plan together and agree on some goals that we can work toward too.

These sessions are to benefit you and support you as best as possible.


If you wish to speak to one of the team one, you can do so using the link below.

Gettting Help


We will work on your support plan together and we will review your progress and goals.
Together we will work with other people supporting you, as it’s an important part of helping you with your worries with gambling.
We would like to involve your family and carers – if you are happy to do so

Next Steps

Together we will plan your next steps.

We will update other people supporting you.

We will contact you after 6 weeks to see how you are doing.

We will ask you for some feedback.

We will celebrate your achievements and success.




However, you want we are here to offer advice and support.


Will you tell my parents I am taking to you?

No, what you say to us is confidential unless we are worried about your safety.  However, we can work with you and your family if you want us to.

What does support look like?

Support is different for everyone and we will come up with a plan together.  Support can be over text, email or video call – whichever you prefer.

How long can I have support for?

For as long as you need it – we agree on it together.

Will my information be shared with anyone?

We keep your information safe within Gamcare and do not share outside the organisation.  If we are worried about your safety we would talk to you first but may have to share information with people who can help.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, however, to give you the very best support some basic information will help us.

Still unsure?

If you’re unsure whether you need our support, it’s worth giving a call or emailing to find out more.

You can call:
0203 092 6964
Or email:

Whatever support you need, we’re more than happy to help.

Need to talk?
We are here for you

Getting help
Let's chat Online 24-hours a day